Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Picked The Wrong Day to Start Streaking

I got great news about my liver tumours a few weeks ago which basically meant I can go back on pills so I'm not a hormonal nightmare (and I don't have to constantly think about how my workouts are affecting my cycles) and I don't feel as shady drinking. I really don't drink and I really don't like to drink. It's empty calories and unless I'm drinking to get drunk, it's pointless to me. I've been exhausted lately and just wanted a night in but a colleague and friend of mine went through a rough year personally and wanted to have a girl's night. With standby flying a bit dodgy for New Years Eve/New Years Day, I weighed the possibilities and went over to my girlfriend's place for a few NYE cocktails with the ladies. Well, we're all from aviation so this degenerated into rants about our company and ATC/flying stories and the vodka/rum/wine flowed. I woke up at 8 am in my friend's 3 year old son's race car bed with a massive hangover. I'm nauseous, my head hurts, I still have a dry cough that tastes vaguely of Bacardi lime daiquiri and I have aches/pains that I'm not entirely sure how I got. 

All that being said: Today is a bad day to start my mile run streak. Pray for me.